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Bring your home decor to a whole new level with our new 50oz. ceramic bowl! While the artistic look gives it a modern vibe, and its color and shape brings a vintage feel to fit any home decor style. After you have fully burned through your candle there are many ways to recycle this vessel. Examples: Large salad bow, fruit arrangement for centerpiece, or even simply as decor. PLEASE NOTE* This product is Made To Order, and will take 9-14 business days to process.


Scent Details

Choose your scent.



50OZ. (1417.4G) | Burn Time up to 120hrs

Natural Soy Wax | Vegan | Clean-burning | Non-Toxic | Biodegradable | Carcinogen-Free | Mutagen-Free | Phthalate-Free | Paraben-Free

8 Inches Wide
10.5 Inches Long
3.5 Inches Tall


How to Use

Always remove crystal before burn.

Trim wick to 1/4 inch before each lighting.

We recommend burning for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.

Place the candle on stable and heat-resistant surfaces only.

Swap your candle for a new one when only ½ inch of wax remains.

Burn within sight. 

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